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I tried to choose a favorite, but found it impossible…they are all gorgeous little works of art and incredibly scrumptious! 

Artisan quality delicate shortbread cookies are topped with elegant fruit and nut accents, nestled upon a delicious layer of chocolate. These are sophisticated enough for that very special occasion, but would be a wonderfully indulgent treat any time.

The boutique candy confections are little treasures that delight the senses. Luxuriously coated gems of goodness, showcasing unique flavor profiles. A decadent ganache is superbly paired with a mouthwatering cherry. A divine white chocolate, married to a Bergamot that dazzles the palate. Toasted toffee pairs with an otherworldly rich milk chocolate.

I can’t wait to taste what Libarius creates next!


- Dolores R.

True Confections


I must confess that Libarius' confections are simply the best I have tasted in quite some time. Beautiful, delicate and delicious are just a few descriptors that come to mind. My favorites are the chocolates which come in a beautifully designed slide-out box making a gift that any recipient would love. Quality products produced with quality ingredients created by quality people!


- Brian R.

Christmas Stollen

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